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Cross-Strait 2016 Symposium for Atmospheric Science in Colleges and Universities (Zhu Kezhen Forum) was Held in NUIST


During December 9-11, Cross-Strait 2016 Symposium for Atmospheric Science in Colleges and Universities (Zhu Kezhen Forum) was Held in NUIST. Chinese Culture University (CCU) is the co-organizer. Hundreds of experts and students from 18 famous universities and institutions in Taiwan and mainland China attended the forum. The opening ceremony was hosted by Chen Haishan, Director of NUIST Meteorological Disaster Key Lab, executive vice-Dean of School of Atmospheric Science, and executive Director of Meteorological Disaster Prediction and Evaluation Collaborative Innovation Center.
At the beginning vice president Min Jinzhong, NUIST delivered a welcome speech, and briefly introduced the source and development history of the forum. As he said, this symposium focused on communications and discussions on middle-size weather monitoring, mechanism, prediction and forecast and so on. He hoped meteorological workers from cross strait institutions could make use of this chance to build deeper friendship and make more scientific communications on middle-size weather related topics.
Professor Zeng Hongyang, head of the Atmospheric Science Department of CCU, gave a speech on behalf of Taiwan universities attending the conference. He expressed high respect for the older generation of meteorological researchers for their persistence and contribution under tough working conditions, and highly appreciated the young generation for their choice in the research on atmospheric science, looking forward to better future of the symposium.
Academician Wu Rongsheng, senior expert in mesoscale meteorological science from Nanjing University, made a speech as a special guest. Based on the 13th five-year plan of Jiangsu Provincial Meteorological Bureau, he pointed out that mesoscale meteorological forecast is closely related to our normal life and people now have higher requirements on forecast than before, taking a news report about an inaccurate forecast of Beijing heavy snow by the State Bureau as an example. However, there are many uncertainties in mesoscale weather forecast which needs more experts and researchers to work hard to solve the problem. Therefore he appealed for more national support in funding, project and cultivating talents.
After the opening ceremony, the conference went into the stage of academic reports. Several experts in meteorological science made special presentations such as Professor Tan Zhemin from Nanjing University, Associate Professor Zhou Kunxuan from CCU, and so on. There were in all 24 oral presentations and 12 posters. Oral presentations are delivered around preceding meteorological issues. The experts present made deep and effective communications and discussions with each other.

The cross-strait symposium provided a good interacting chance for universities, research institutions and professional departments between Taiwan and the mainland of China. It also will help to improve scientific research levels on mesoscale weather and more stable friendship between both areas.

Academician Wu Rongsheng

Professor Zeng Hongyang

Vice president Min Jinzhong

The Venue