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Delegation of Anglia Ruskin University Paying a visit to NUIST



On 21st March, a delegation of 7 people from Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) led by President Iain Martin paid a visit to NUIST. President of NUIST Jiang Jianqing met them at the reception room of the Administrative Building, representatives from Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, School of Media and Art and School of Languages and cultures attending the meeting.

President Jiang extended his warm welcome to the delegation and expressed sincere gratitude for the long-term cooperation between two parties. He then gave a brief introduction to the development of NUIST and progress in cooperative programs operated by NUIST and British universities, giving high praise for the implementation of the cooperative education program-Digital Media Art. President Jiang believes that the collaboration between NUIST and ARU will enjoy a bright future on the condition that the global demand for artistic talents is rising whilst NUIST has good quality of artistic teachers. At the same time, he expected to deepen the cooperation in more fields including post-graduate education by saying that NUIST would like to work hard on this with the help of ARU.
Martin highly approved of President Jiang's view of art talents and his ideas about strengthening bilateral cooperation. He believes that bilateral communication and cooperation conform to the educational philosophy and innovative spirit of ARU. From his point of view, on the foundation of keeping existing good cooperation, learning more about Chinese culture can expedite the well development of ARU. With the aim at promoting the level and expanding areas of bilateral cooperation, Martin welcomed more Chinese teachers and students to visit ARU for academic exchanges and communication. At last, Martin said that he would seriously consider President Jiang’s advice on developing postgraduate education and expressed his willingness of staying in-contact with NUIST in next following years.
NUIST has been cooperating with ARU for many years. Since the launch of ’3+1’ personnel training program for Digital Media Arts in 2013, our excellent quality of education has achieved high popularity among students and parents. This program was selected as ‘High level Demonstrative Construction Project of Jiangsu Sino-foreign Joint Institution’ in 2016. This visit of delegation has great significance for deepening further cooperation between both parties.
visiting Jianshan Garden