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Discipline of Computer Science of NUIST Entered Top 1% of ESI World Ranking



According to the latest statistics on May 11th from Essential Science Indicators (ESI), the discipline of Computer Science of our NUIST entered Top 1% of ESI world ranking for the first time, being the third discipline ranked world Top 1% in NUIST and the first two disciplines are Geoscience and Engineering.
ESI data statistics showed that from January 1st, 2007 to February 28th, 2017, 435 ESI papers were published by the discipline of Computer Science of our university, with the total citation times of 3029 and the per paper citation rate of 6.96. Among them, 29 papers were listed as Highly Cited Papers and 11 papers were selected as Hot Papers. Among all 398 institutions listed into ESI Top 1% in the subject of Computer Science, our university ranked 370th at present. Besides, among all 37 shortlisted institutions in Mainland China, NUIST ranks the 34th.

In April 2015, the School of Computer and Software started its experiment on deep international construction. Since then, the School focused on deepening transnational academic cooperation, cultivating top-level young talents and comprehensively upgrading its discipline development and academic strengths so as to cultivate a team of young teachers, vigorous and internationalized. Their main research outputs were published in IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE Transactions and other top conferences and journals in the field of Computer Science. The entrance of ESI top 1% indicates that our discipline of Computer Science has a high academic influence in the world and overall level of it has jumped to the advanced level in China.

At the same time, the ESI global ranking and the comprehensive university ranking of the Geoscience and Engineering subjects of our university also rose steadily. The world ranking of the subject of Geoscience had a rise of 44 compared with that of the last period (March, 2017) and that of the Engineering subject had a rise of 88 compared with that of the last period. In addition, the comprehensive ranking of our university had a rise of 205 compared with that of the last period.

ESI is a quantitative analysis database established by Thomson Reuters Group based on SCI and SSCI and it collects more than 10 million documentary records in more than 11000 kinds of academic journals. ESI classified the total citation times of all global institutions in the past 10 years to 22 disciplinary fields according to periodicals of the listed literature. ESI covers comprehensive disciplines of a wide range of countries and it has wide academic influence. At present, it has become one of the important indicator tools for the evaluation of international academic level and influence of universities, academic institutions, countries and regions around the world.

ESI Ranking of Computer Science of NUIST

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