Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology

School of Environmental Science & Engineering

About us

The School of Environmental Science and Engineering, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2012, is one of the three key discipline groups of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology in Environmental Science and Engineering. Established in 2002, our school has rapidly grown from a single department into a school with four departments offering a rational range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in environmental studies that have always received positive recognition.
The School of Environmental Science and Engineering is a friendly and inspiring place where students will be given the structure and resources, as well as a collegial environment, to prepare for their professional career or further studies. The School features in the following four departments:
 Environmental Science
 Environmental Engineering
 Ecology
 Applied Chemistry

Staff and students
The School of Environmental Science and Engineering, led by Professor Mindong Chen, and is staffed by dedicated environmentalists, ecologists, engineers and chemists. About 1200 undergraduate students are currently registered for BSc degrees involving environmental studies, ecology, chemistry and engineering; a further 130 postgraduate students are registered for MSc degrees. We have a thriving community of 80 full-time faculties and staff.

Teaching and learning
Teaching facilities include a lecture theatre, teaching laboratories (for lectures and practical sessions), research laboratories, and cutting-edge facilities set in the new school building. Apart from these, the campus-shared library and study area, teaching buildings and computer laboratories are available full days a year.
In addition, more than 10 internship bases have been set up for undergraduate students respectively in the Environmental Monitoring Centre of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Research Institute of Environmental Science of State Environmental Protection Bureau, the State Power Environmental Protection Research Institute, and Yangzi Petrochemical Company Ltd. etc..

A wide range of research work has been done by the school faculties, among which the Atmospheric Environment is provincially renowned focusing on its monitoring and warning, environmental pollution control technology studies, and atmospheric environment change and impacts, and so forth.
A growing number of national research projects have been undertaken by the school faculties, which are funded by China’s National Natural Science Foundation, ministerial departments and provincial institutes. The School also work closely with local businesses and corporations in researches of related areas.
The school has established a research platform collaborated with Yale University, the Yale-NUIST Environment Centre, and built long-term collaborations with University of Vermont, USA, University of Reading, UK and De Montfort University, UK etc..