Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology


Program Length: 4 years
Degree Type: management


Brief Introduction:
The Department of accounting is set up in 1997. The Department offers undergraduate and graduate programs in financial management and accounting. The Department of Accounting is composed of faculty members that are young and energetic. The goal of the Department of Accounting is to train students who have a solid foundation in economics, management, accounting, modern information technology and are potential excellent practitioners. The Department of Accounting has formed its own distinguishing feature in managerial accounting; financial management and accounting information system apart form its good tradition in financial accounting. Some core courses are managerial accounting; financial management, accounting, college English, advanced mathematics, management, computer basic, ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis, sports, career planning and innovation in education, outline of modern Chinese history, c programming language, introduction to atmospheric science, economic law, microeconomics, linear algebra, probability and statistics, international trade theory, macroeconomics, basic accounting skills training, marketing, tax law, intermediate financial accounting, cost accounting, financial regulations and professional ethics, Mao Zedong thought and introduction to socialist theory with Chinese characteristics, statistics, accounting profession English, financial management, advanced financial accounting, management accounting, international accounting, environmental accounting, advanced accounting theory, accounting information system, advanced finance theory, accounting comprehensive training, econometrics, tax planning, meteorological project management, cpa qualification examination, intensive course, financial analysis, cost management accounting training, senior financial management, introduction to public weather services, auditing, corporate strategy and risk management, career guidance and entrepreneurship, mathematical expansion of courses, foreign language international expansion of the course, management research methods, accounting theory, financial business and so on.


Course Content:
The course is divided into 4 academic years with each part comprising a number of modules as listed below (follow the links to find out more about each module).

Semester 1
College English (1)
Advanced Mathematics II (1)
Computer Basic II
Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis
Sports (1)
Career planning and innovation in education

Semester 2
Outline of Modern Chinese History
C Programming Language
Introduction to atmospheric science Ⅲ
English (2)
Advanced Mathematics II (2)
Economic Law
Sports (2)
Linear Algebra

Semester 3
English (3)
Probability and Statistics
International Trade Theory
Basic accounting skills training
Tax Law
Sports (3)
Intermediate Financial Accounting (1)

Semester 4
Cost accounting
Financial regulations and professional ethics
English (4)
Mao Zedong Thought and Introduction to socialist theory with Chinese characteristics
Sports (4)
Intermediate Financial Accounting (2)

Semester 5
Accounting profession English
Financial Management
Advanced Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
International Accounting
Environmental Accounting
Accounting information system
Accounting Comprehensive Training
Tax Planning
Meteorological project management

Semester 6
CPA Qualification Examination Intensive Course
Financial Analysis
Cost management accounting training
Senior financial management
Introduction to Public Weather Services
Management Research Methods
Accounting Theory
Financial Business Accounting

Semester 7
Corporate Strategy and Risk Management
Career guidance and entrepreneurship
Mathematical expansion of courses
Foreign language international expansion of the course

Semester 8
Final Thesis
Graduation identification
Production Practice