Nanjing University of
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Agricultural Resources and Environment

Agricultural Resources and Environment

Mission and Values
The mission of the agricultural resources and environment is to provide undergraduate students with a high quality education that will result in knowledge and abilities for gainful employment and additional education, productive citizenship, and lifelong learning in the areas of agriculture, forestry, land, environmental protection, water conservation. To achieve excellence, the program promotes the following core values, knowledge and skills:
    --Respect, honesty, integrity, fairness and cooperation
    --Basic theories and knowledge about agricultural resource utilization and environmental science.
    --Basic abilities involved in sustainable utilization of agricultural resource and environment.
    --Routine determination methods and up-to-date analyzing and testing technique.
    --Research methods for agricultural resources and environment.
    --Techniques for computer information management.
    --Education as a lifelong process

Major Supported by following Disciplines
Soil science, Environmental science and engineering, Forestry

Major courses
Soil science, Plant nutrition, Botany, Plant physiology, Geology and physiognomy, Water resource utilization and protection, Soil and Water Conservation, Forest resource management, Experimental designs and statistical analyses, Environment and resources information technology, Ecology and environmental planning, Resources and environmental analysis and testing

Skill training 
Knowledge application relative to some major courses such as geology and physiognomy, soil geography, soil resource surveying and mapping, combination practice soil and plant nutrition. Processing and manufacturing of fertilizers and final 15-25 weeks comprehensive field work in the last semester of four years full time learning.
Social experience includes military training and social work. 
Work experience related to the major will be obtained by part-time working in the agriculture and environmental protection department.

Credits required
 At least 180 credits are required for awarding Bachelor Degree of Agriculture.

Semester 1
Advanced Mathematics
Computing Essentials
China overview

Semester 2
Advanced mathematics
discrete mathematics

Semester 3
Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
Organic chemistry
The geology and geomorphology
Surveying and Mapping

Semester 4
Plant Physiology
Introduction to Environmental Science

Semester 5
Remote Sensing and Informational Technology of Resource
Soil Science
The Principle of Geographic Information Systems
Plant nutrition
Soil and Agricultural Chemistry Analysis
Processing of remote sensing digital image
Introduction to Agronomy

Semester 6
Biostatistics and Field Experimental
Basic Microbiology
Experiment on basic microbiology
Technology and Application of Precision Agriculture

Semester 7
Environmental Chemistry
Soil Geography
Water and Soil Conservation
Soil Resource
Foundation of Agricultural Modelling Science
Professional English for Agricultural Science

Semester 8
Soil Pollution and Remediation Technology
Reuse and recycling of agricultural solid wastes
Global Position System