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Applied Meteorology

The Applied Meteorology
The Applied Meteorology (AM) is an interdisciplinary science undergraduate major that provides students with a variety of courses to understand the science of atmosphere and its application, interaction and affection in various production industries. The AM is widely acknowledged as  one of the best in the nation, based upon the caliber of its faculty and graduates as well as its comprehensive set of courses and rigorous requirements. An external Agrio-meteorological Committee, comprised of community leaders and alumni, provides guidance on its development. Students will be able to take challenging, cross-disciplinary courses that are specifically designed to provide a well-rounded education on the multitude of issues in agriculture and urban meteorology. Meanwhile, students who wish to complete the major in AM will work with their program advisor to decide on course selection and sequencing.

Course Content:
The course is divided into 4 academic years with each part composed of a number of modules as listed below (follow the links to find out more about each module)
Semester 1
Advanced Mathematics
Computing Essentials
Chinese, China Overview

Semester 2
Advanced Mathematics
Programming Language Foundations
An Introduction to Atmosphere
Plant Physiology

Semester 3
Probability and Statistics
Linear Algebra
Atmospheric Physics
Dynamic Meteorology

Semester 4
An Introduction to Agriculture
Soil sciences
Applied Meteorology
Boundary Layer Meteorology
Geographic Information System
Semester 5
Agricultural Meteorology
Remote Sensing Theory and Application
Summary on Climate Resources

Semester 6
Urban Meteorology
Protected agriculture summary
Urban Ecology
Database System

Semester 7
Meteorology Services
Carbon Cycling in Ecosystem
How to Write Scientific Papers
Professional English

Semester 8
Final Project