Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology


Atmospheric Science

Program Code: 070901
Program Length: 4 years
Degree Type: Science


Brief Introduction:
The Atmospheric Science major was awarded national key discipline, the second group of supported featured discipline in higher education institutions selected by Ministry of Education, Branded discipline of Jiangsu Province. With over 50 year’s history behind, this discipline boasts the best teaching, experiment and research conditions for study and further research. Today the well developed College offers academic degrees on all three levels (bachelor, master and doctoral) and a post-doctoral program. Students of Atmospheric Science major should firmly grasp the breadth of the basic theories and the systematic and profound knowledge of this subject and grasp the skills and methods required by their branches of learning. The main courses are: Introduction to Atmospheric Science, Atmospheric Physics, Atmospheric Sounding, Fundamentals of Synoptics, China Weather, Dynamical Meteorology, Basis of Modern Climatology, Meteorological Statistic Forecast, Basis of Short-term Climate Prediction, Numerical Weather Forecast, etc. After graduation, students either can engage in meteorology-related area such as meteorology service, civil aviation, ocean, hydroelectric service, environmental protection, research center, college and military department, or pursue further education.

Course Content:
Semester 1:
Military Theory
Cultivation of ethics and fundamentals of law
Career Planning and Innovation Education
Computing Essentials Ⅰ
Introduction to Atmospheric Science Ⅰ
 Advanced Mathematics I (1)
College Physics Experiment (1)
College English (1)
Introduction to Earth Sciences
Entrance Education
Semester 2
Outline of Chinese Modern History
PE (2)
Linear Algebra
Advanced Mathematics I (2)
College Physics (1)
College Physics Experiment (2)
College English (2)
FORTRAN Language Programming
Semester 3:
Fundamentals of Marxism
PE (3)
Probability Statistics
College Physics (2)
College English
Atmospheric Physics
Fluid Mechanics
C Language Programming
Fluid Mechanics Practice
Semester 4
Introduction to Maoism and socialist theory with Chinese characteristics
PE (4)
College English (4)
Atmospheric Sounding Ⅱ
Applied Meteorology Ⅱ
Fundamentals of Synoptics
Synoptic Analysis Ⅰ(1)
Equations of Mathematical Physics Ⅱ
Comprehensive Atmospheric Observation and Practice
GrADS Drawing and programming
Theoretical Mechanics
Computational Method
Atmospheric Sounding Practice
Semester 5
Basis of Modern Climatology
Meteorological Statistic Method
Synoptic Analysis Ⅰ(2)
Dynamic Meteorology
China Weather
Global Change
Satellite Meteorology
Study of Meteorological Service
Meteorological English
Meteorological Statistic Method Practice
Semester 6
Numerical Weather Forecast
Medium and Small Scale Weather Dynamics and Numerical Modeling
Tropical Weather Dynamics
Modern Lightning Protection Technology
Basis of Physical Oceanography
Boundary-Layer Meteorology
Climate Change Diagnosis
China Climate and Anomaly Diagnosis
Synoptics Diagnostic Analysis
Fundamental English Development Program
Numerical Weather Forecast Practice
Medium and Small Scale Weather Dynamics and Numerical Modeling Practice

Semester 7:
Career Guidance and Entrepreneurship education
Basis of Short-term Climate Prediction
Advanced Dynamic Meteorology
Radar Meteorology
Atmospheric Circulation
Typhoon Analysis and Diagnosis
General Circulation Model and Application
The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Meteorology
Mathematics Development Program
International Foreign Language Development Program  
Term Thesis
Weather Forecast Practice
Basis of Short-term Climate Prediction Practice
Nowcasting and Short-time Weather Forecasting Practice
Semester 8
Skill Training Development Program
Scientific Paper Writing and Submission
Application of Object-oriented Language in Meteorological Service
Graduation Appraisal
Productive Fieldwork
Graduation Thesis