Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology


Communication Engineering
Program Name:Communication Engineering
Program Code: 080605
Program Length: 4 years
Degree Type: Engineering


Course Summary
Cultivating the students that are adapt to the society need, and of moral, intellectual and physical development, master the fundamental theory, professional knowledge and practicing skill of computer and modern communication system, can engage in the communication departments, enterprises and institutions.
The graduates of communication engineering should advocate the basic line and guidelines of the party, love motherland, be discipline and good conduct, with good physical and mental health, have a good work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, work for the development of China's economic construction and social services positively. Also, the student should have scientific worldview, master scientific method and the basic theory and professional knowledge of communication, be skill in English, communication and team cooperation.


Course Content:

The course is divided into 4 academic years with each part comprising a number of modules as listed below (follow the links to find out more about each module).
Semester 1
Military theory
Thought Morals Accomplishment and Basic Law
Career planning and innovation in education
Physical Education(1)
College computer FoundationⅠ
Introduction to atmospheric scienceⅡ
Advanced MathematicsⅠ(1)
College English(1)
College Chinese
Entrance education
Military Training
Experiment of College Physics(1)
C Language

Semester 2
Outline History of Recent & Modern Chinese Economy
Physical Education(2)
Basis Experiment on Circuit AnalysisⅡ
Linear Algebra
Advanced MathematicsⅠ(2)
College Physics(1)
Experiment of College Physics(2)
College English(2)
Basis of Circuit AnalysisⅠ

Semester 3
Principles of Marxism
Physical Education(3)
Probability & Statistics
College Physics(2)
College English(3)
Functions of Complex Variables & Integral TransformationⅡ
Analog Electrical CircuitryⅠ
JAVA Communication Program Design
Engineering training
Analog Electrical Circuitry Experiment

Semester 4
An introduction to Mao Zedong thought and the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics.
Physical Education(4)
College English(4)
Digital Electrical Circuitry Ⅰ
Signals & SystemsⅠ
Theory of Electromagnetic Fields
Principle & Interface Technique of Micro-computerⅠ
Digital Electrical Circuitry Experiment 
Course Design of Electronic Circuit

Semester 5
Principle of CommunicationⅠ
Digital Signal ProcessingⅠ
Moving Communication
Digital Image Processing
Informatics & Coding
Fundamentals of Mono-Chip Computers & ApplicationsⅠ
Principle of Automatic ControlⅡ
Principle & Application of Database
Basis of IOT
Basis of Atmospheric ObservationⅡ
Meteorological information and network technologyⅡ
Satellite MeteorologyⅡ
Experiment of Principle of CommunicationⅠ
Mono-Chip Computers Course Design
Semester 6
High-Frequency Electronic Technology
Digital program-controlled switching technology
Microwave Technique
Satellite Communication
GPS Technique & Application
Data Communication and Computer Network Ⅰ
Network and information security technology
Fiber Optical Communication
Specialized English
Meteorological operations automation
Basic Expand of the Foreign language
Production Practice

Semester 7
Career guidance and entrepreneurship
Antenna and Propagation
The basis of communication network
NGN Technique & Application
Embedded system design Ⅱ
Principles and Applications of DSP Ⅱ
Unix systems principles and applications
The expansion  course of Mathematic
The International expansion course of Foreign language
The expansion course of Skills Training
Network communication curriculum design
Wireless communications curriculum design
Wireless sensor network experiments

Semester 8
Graduation identification
Graduation Design