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Chinese Language and Literature

 Chinese Language and Literature

1. Training Objective
To train the students to become the Chinese character literature talents with good thought personal character, solid theoretical knowledge, professional skills skilled, and comprehensive quality, and a strong ability to adapt and rich in the spirit of innovation, so that after the graduation they can be competent for culture propaganda department, universities, research institutions, party and government organs and other business enterprise unit propaganda to be engaged in management, teaching, research, edit, secretary, creation and other relevant work, and can also get to study the postgraduate stage.

2. Training Norm (Basic Requirements)
Through this professional system education and basic training, students should have a solid theoretical foundation, the reasonable knowledge structure and good humanities cultivated manners, and have strong thinking and language ability, literary appreciation ability, writing ability and the preliminary research ability, and also can read general classical literature, to master a foreign language, abound higher comprehensive quality and innovative spirit, and at last development in an all-round way.

3. The Course System Class Hours and Credits

            Table 1. The Course System Class Hours and Credits                   

Course Type Curriculum Class Hour/Credit Proportion(%)
Basic General Courses Compulsory 46 26
General Electives Optional 6 3
Basic Disciplinary Courses Compulsory 28 16
Professional Main Courses Compulsory 22 12
Professional Direction Courses Optional 22 12
Professional Elective Courses Optional 28 16
Internship and Practical Training Compulsory 24 13
Optional 4 2
Total 180 100


 4. Basic Disciplinary Courses
Ancient Chinese Literature History, Contemporary Chinese Literature History, Foreign Literature History, Modern Chinese, Ancient Chinese, Introduction to Literature, and Introduction to Linguistics.

5. Professional Main Courses
Introduction to Culture, Introduction to Chinese Culture, Introduction to World Culture, Ancient Literary Anthology, Contemporary Literary Anthology, Foreign Literary Anthology, Writing, Contemporary Literary and Artistic Ideas, and History of Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchanges.

6. Professional Direction Courses
According to the different interest these can be divided into the four directions: senior secretary, culture creativity, drama showbiz literature, cultural spreading and communication.

7. Meteorological Characteristics Course (except Overview of Atmospheric Science)
Meteorological Culture Introduction, Meteorological Folklore, and Meteorological Document Writing and Processing.

8. Length of Schooling: 4 years

9. Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Arts