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Basis of Short-term Climate Prediction

2012-08-08 16:25:46

Basis of Short-term Climate Prediction
Course Code: 3170143
Credits: 2
Teaching Hours: 32
Pre-requisites: Synoptics, Dynamical Meteorology, Chinese Weather, Meteorological Statistical Forecast, Numerical Prediction, Computer Programming
Module Provider: College of Atmospheric Sciences

On the basis of introducing climate system and notions of climate change, the course focuses on the characteristics and mathematical/physical basis of short-term climate change and prediction, including large scale change of atmosphere, Air-Sea-Land interaction, empirical prediction method and numerical prediction method.

Learning outcomes:
Students know the basic notion and genetic mechanism of climate change, and are able to conduct short-term climate prediction and scientific research.

Teaching and learning methods:
Multimedia lectures.

20% regular grades plus 80% final exam.