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Peng Li

2012-08-07 18:10:07

Name:Peng  Li
Title: Dr. & Prof.  
Ph.D & Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Signal Processing of Meteorological Rada or Ultrasound Detection and Imaging
Automatic Measurement Technique and Instrument for Meteorological Element
Telephone: 86-025 5873 1270
Email: E-mail:

Li P, Yang XF, Zhang DL, Bian ZZ. Adaptive Clutter Filtering Based on Sparse Component Analysis in Ultrasound Color Flow Imaging. IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control, 2008, 55(7): 15821-596
Li P, Yu G, Xin PC, Bian ZZ. A Clutter Removal Method for Doppler Ultrasound Signal Based on Nonlinear Diffusion Equation. Measurement Science and Technology, 2008, 19(5)
Li Peng; Ji Xiaoyan; Yu Gang; Bian Zhengzhong. Rejection of Clutter in Doppler Blood Flow Signals Based on Translation Invariant Discrete Wavelet Transform. Journal of Xi an Jiaotong University. 2007,41(4):402-406
LI Peng; YU Gang; JI Xiao-yan; BIAN Zheng-zhong. Denoising of Ultrasonic Image via Double Density Dual Tree Wavelet Combined with Bivariate Shrinkage with Local Variance Estimation.Journal of System Simulation. 2007,19(24):5797-5801
Li P, Zhang HQ, Xing HY, Wu DZ. Clutter Removal of Doppler Ultrasound Signal Using Double Density Discrete Wavelet Transform. IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, 2009:972-975

The Research Project of Natural Science Foundation of Chian.
The Research Project from Department of Educationg of Jiangsu Province.
The Research Project of China Meteorological Adminstration.