Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology


Environmental Science
  • Program Name: Environmental Science
  • Program Code: 071401
  • Program Length: 4 years
  • Degree Type: Science 


Course Summary
Environmental Science is one of the provincial and quasi-national feature programmes for undergraduates. Long-term research collaboration and academic exchanges have been conducted with renowned universities home and abroad, including Yale University, University of Maryland, and University of Vermont in the United States, and Nanjing University, Southeast University in China etc.. With rich academic staff, abundant educational resources and advanced experimental facilities, the department also provides a postgraduate programme of Environmental Science.

Students are trained to be overall developed with good science literacy, solid professional knowledge and practical skills in environmental monitoring, environmental evaluation, environmental economics, environmental planning, environmental management, environmental law, and environmental chemistry etc.. Students upon graduation will have the competence to conduct environmental protection and meteorology related researches, teaching, management and environmental evaluation work in governmental institutions, colleges, research institutes, and enterprises. They are also expected to have solid academic foundation for working for higher academic degrees.


Course Content:
The course is divided into 4 academic years with each part comprising a number of modules as listed below, both compulsory and optional.

Semester 1
Military Theory
Philosophy and Law
Career Planning
Physical Education
Computer Science Foundation
Atmospheric Science Overview
Physics Experiment
Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry I
Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Experiment I
Freshman Orientation

Semester 2
China History
Physical Education
Linear Algebra
Advanced Mathematics
Physics Experiment
C Programming Language Design

Semester 3
China Philosophies
Physical Education
Probability and Statistics
Organic Chemistry and Experiment
Environmental Geology Foundations
Environmental Science Overview
Cognition Practice

Semester 4
China Philosophies
Physical Education
Environmental Biology and Experiment
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring Experiment
Environmental Chemistry and Experiment
Environmental Information System and Experiment
Atmospheric Environment Chemistry

Semester 5
Instrumental Analysis
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Ecology
Environmental Soil Science
Environmental Law
Environmental Planning
Environmental Management
Physical Pollution Control
Solid Waste Disposal and Reclamation
Climate Change Overview
Pollution Meteorology

Semester 6
Environmental Assessment
Atmospheric Environment Monitoring and Experiment
Clean production Technology and Application
Air Pollution Control Technology
Environmental Economics
Data Analysis and Experiment Optimization Design
Water Pollution Control Engineering
Environmental Science Literature
Atmospheric Environment

Semester 7
Term Paper

Semester 8
Final Project