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Finance Engineering
Finance Engineering
Program Length: 4 years
Degree Type: Economics


Brief Introduction:
Finance Engineering is the application of engineering methods to financial problems. Tools in probability, statistics, and optimization allow financial engineers to meet the needs of businesses by measuring and managing their financial risks and by designing and analyzing sophisticated financial contracts. The increasing complexity of markets fuels demand for professionals who possess understanding of the financial problems they pose, the mathematical tools to solve these problems, and the computer skills to implement these solutions. FD's financial engineering program combines coursework in the finance, mathematics and computation of portfolio management and derivative securities with a team-based students' project for a real client in the industry.


Course Content:
The course is divided into 4 academic years with each part comprising a number of modules as listed below (follow the links to find out more about each module).

Semester 1
Advanced Mathematics
College English

Semester 2
Advanced Mathematics
College English
Linear Algebra

Semester 3
Probability Statistics
Introduction of Financial Engineering
Fixed-Income Securities

Semester 4
International Finance
Financial Economics
Securities Investment

Semester 5
Finance Market
Financial Risk Management
corporate finance
International Investment
Actuarial studies

Semester 6
Financial Time Series
Business and Management of Commercial Bank
Simulated Stock Trading System
Training of the Professional Qualification
Extended English

Semester 7
Behavioral Finance
Technical Economics
Extended Math
Financial Econometrics Software

Semester 8
Graduation Thesis
Production Practice
Graduation Appraisal