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International economics and trade
International economics and trade
Program Code:  020206
Program Length: 4 years
Degree Type:  Economics
Brief Introduction:
The Department of International Economics & Trade offers one undergraduate program in International Economics and Trade, which aims to train senior professionals for such employers as foreign trade companies, large and medium-sized enterprises, and wholly foreign-owned enterprises. The Department has made great achievements in the research fields of international economic and technological cooperation, development strategies for global enterprises, urban and regional competitiveness, division of labor in different industries and regional economic development under open condition, etc. International economics and trade is intended to cultivate high-level business people who are versatile, practical and professional and qualified for engaging in international business operations and management in the foreign enterprises and institutions, government departments and social organizations. By four years of systemic study, professional training and strict training during field practice, the said discipline intends to cultivate high-level business people, with global vision and innovation awareness, sound theoretical bases, familiar with international economic and business activities. The trainees should not only master theoretical knowledge on international trade, be capable of using one foreign language skillfully, but also be versatile and practical management talents, who are good at learning, analyzing and strategic planning; as well as professional talents, who are capable of adjusting to the environment, making economic analysis for business decisions, in addition to organizing and coordinating. The graduates would be capable of engaging in professions related to policy management, research analyses and enterprises management in the areas of international business.  
Course Content:
The course is divided into 4 academic years with each part comprising a number of modules as listed below (follow the links to find out more about each module).

Semester 1
Advanced Mathematics
Computing Essentials
College English
China Overview

Semester 2
Advanced Mathematics
College English
Programming Language Foundations
Economics statues
Linear Algebra

Semester 3
Probability Theory and Statistics
College English
Introduction to World Economy

Semester 4
College English 
International trade theory
Practice in International Trade
International Finance
Schools of Western Economics
Electronic Commerce
International business laws
International business management

Semester 5
International settlement
International economics
International marketing
Correspondence in International Business
Multinational Corporation theory
Foreign trade transportation and insurance
Spoken English for international business
Financial marketing
Institutional Economics
Management Information Systems
Human resource management

Semester 6
Frontiers of international trade
Methodology of Economics
Customs Practice
Academic paper writing
Logistics management
Theory of WTO 
Security analysis and investment 
Professional English
Meteorological economics
Emergency management

Semester 7
International trade in services
International economic cooperation
Financial management
Industrial economics
Regional economics

Semester 8
Training on international trade practice
Degree thesis