Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology


Information Management and Information System

Program : Information Management and Information System
Program Length: 4 years
Degree Type: Management


Brief Introduction:
Information Management and Information System Program bridges the disciplines of information and computer science, information system, economics and management. We emphasize small classes and project-based learning, with courses that teach students to develop solutions that influence how people seek, use, and share information.
A range of courses are offered in the fields of Management Information System, Data Structure,Information Resources Management, Information Security, Information Organization and Retrieval, Information Systems Design and Development, Software Engineering,Database Principle and Application,Computer Network,Electronic Commerce  and System Engineering.


Course Content:
The course is divided into 4 academic years with each part comprising a number of modules as listed below (follow the links to find out more about each module).


Semester 1
Military Theory
Advanced Mathematics
Morals, Ethics & Fundamentals of Law
Career Planning
Physical Education(1)
Introduction to Computer TechnologyⅡ
College English (1)
College Chinese
Management  (I)

Semester 2
Basic Principle of Marxism
Survey of Modern Chinese History
Linear Algebra
Advanced Mathematics
Physical Education(2)
College English (2)
Introduction to Economics
Programming with C Language

Semester 3
Outline of Mao Zedong Thought,Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents"
Physical Education(3)
Probability Statistics 
Introduction to Meteorological ScienceⅢ
College English (3)
Operational Research  (I)
Information Organization and Retrieval
Data StructureⅡ

Semester 4
College English (4)
Physical Education(4)
Software EngineeringⅠ
Database Principle and Application
Computer Network
Electronic Commerce

Semester 5
Management Information System
Data Mining
Research Method of Management Science
Decision-Theoretic Approach
Competitive Intelligence
Specialized English
WEB Programming
Operating System
Information System Security
Object-Oriented Programming Ⅱ
Customer Relationship Management
Supply Chain Management
Introduction to Public Meteorological Service
ERP Performance Test Ⅱ

Semester 6
Information Management Science
System Engineering
Enterprise Resource Planning
MATLAB Application
Information Technology Project Management
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Risk Management
Meteorological Economics
Basic English Expanded Course
Specialization Training of Information Management
Web Design

Semester 7
Employment Counseling
Multimedia Technology and Application
Meteorological Engineering Management
Mathematics Expanded Course
International English Expanded Course
Analysis and Design of Information System
Business operation simulation software Practice
Entrepreneurship Management
Social Survey

Semester 8
Graduation Thesis
Production Practice