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Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Environment Monitoring and Pollution Control

Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Environment Monitoring and Pollution Control was approved by the Jiangsu Department of Science and Technology to establish as a provincial technical service platform. The laboratory builds on School of Environmental Science and Engineering at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology and State Power Environmental Protection Research Institute. Targeting on both national and local needs, and state-of-art technologies, the Laboratory includes research and development platforms of “Atmospheric Environment Monitoring, Forewarning and Pollution Control”, “Atmospheric Environment Change and Impact”, “Research and Development of Atmospheric Environment Monitoring Instruments”. It aims to provide theory and pioneering technology for mitigating the atmospheric environment pollution and promoting the sustainable social and economic development in China.
The Laboratory has a group of 28 full-time researchers, among whom there are 12 Professors and 8 Associate Professors. Twenty-seven researchers have doctoral degree. One is the candidate for the Second Level Training (Provincial Level) of the “333 Talent Project” and 5 for the Third Level Training (Municipal Level). Four are candidates for the “Jiangsu Provincial Six Industries Talent Project”. Three are academic leaders for the Jiangsu “Blue Project”. Three are qualified as doctoral supervisors and 14 as master supervisors. In addition, the Laboratory also has 8 part-time Professors from well-known research institutes both home and abroad.

The Laboratory covers an area of 1300 m2 and has over 20 million RMB fixed assets. It is equipped with around 50 advanced equipment, including scanning electron microscopy, GC-MS, multi-ion chromatography system, and air pollution control catalytic system and so on. A number of advanced instrument and equipment regarding the atmospheric environmental monitoring and pollution control has been recently brought in to the Laboratory, including high-resolution chemical ionization-flight time mass spectrometry system, aerosol particle spectrum analyser, aerosol mass analyser, and three-wavelength photo acoustic black carbon photometer and so on.  The Laboratory has been approved as an advantage disciplinary platform in Environmental Science and Engineering in Jiangsu Province. It is granted nearly 100 million RMB construction funds that has been a strong support.
Innovative researches have been carrying out in the Laboratory, based on national and local needs in “realizing modernization”, focusing on atmospheric environment to bring out achievements with independent intellectual property. The Laboratory is at a new stage of development and welcomes all talents dedicated into the atmospheric environment to join in. All researchers are working together towards the breakthrough in atmospheric environment monitoring and pollution control technology researches, making the Laboratory a provincial leading and nationwide influential platform.