Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology


Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
  • Program Code: 070101
  • Program Length: 4 years
  • Degree Type: Bachelor of Science


Brief Introduction:
Mathematics and applied mathematics is a specialty undergraduate program in Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology. Its history can be traced back to the first session of mathematical education undergraduate in 1977.The applied mathematics master’s degree is granted in 2001.Undergraduate students of mathematics and applied mathematics recover to recruit in 2002,and then graduate students of applied mathematics is also recoverable. The profession is based on the training of overall quality with mathematics and applied mathematics, focusing on the infiltrated of mathematics and computing technology, mathematics and meteorology, mathematics and economic, and etc.
The department of mathematics now has 4 professors, 2 associate professors and 7 lecturers. Including 1 doctoral tutor, 3 master tutors, 9 faculties with PhD degree, 1 excellent young teacher in Jiangsu province, 1 “333 project” teacher in Jiangsu province. Our department have formed a  good teaching team with old teachers, middle-aged teachers and young teachers.
In recent years, our teacher have won many prizes, including 1 provincial-level teaching achievement award, 5 National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, more than 10 projects about educational reform of Jiangsu province and School. More than 100 paper have published in China and foreign important journals, such as J. Math. Anal. Appl., Nonlinear Analysis TMA, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Science China Mathematics, Acta Mathematica Sinica, and etc.
After graduation, the students in this major have a solid mathematical foundation and skill in using of mathematical in their work. About 30% students continue to purse their Master Degree or study abroad, the rest of graduates will have a job in research institutions, education departments, weather and management departments, or work in finance, IT and businesses majors,  etc.

Course Content:
The course is divided into 4 academic years with each part comprising a number of modules as listed below (follow the links to find out more about each module).

Semester 1
Ideological, Moral Cultivation and Basis of Legal
Career Planning and Innovation in Education
Sports (1)
Basis of Computer Ⅰ
Introduction to Atmospheric science Ⅰ
Physical Experiment(1)
College English (1)
Advanced Algebra
Mathematical Analysis

Semester 2
Military theory
Outline of Modern Chinese History
Sports (2)
College Physics (1)
Physical Experiment (2)
College English (2)
Advanced Algebra (2)
Mathematical Analysis (2)
C++ Language Programming

Semester 3
Basic Principles of Marxism
Sports (3)
College Physics (2)
College English (3)
Mathematical Analysis (3)
Probability theory
Mathematical Experiment

Semester 4
Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and Socialist Theory with Chinese Characteristics
Sports (4)
College English (4)
Ordinary Differential Equations
Functions of Complex Variables
Abstract Algebra
Probability and Statistics
Operational Research
Operating System
Matlab Programming
Mathematical Modeling

Semester 5
Numerical Analysis (1)
Real Variables Function
Discrete Mathematics
Java Programming Design Ⅰ
Partial Differential Equations

Semester 6
Numerical Analysis (2)
Differential Geometry
Risk Mangement
Introduction to Database Systems
Functional Analysis
Data Structures
Principle of Compiling
Ordinary Differential Equations
Mathematical Software

Semester 7
Financial Mathematics
Optimization Method
Algorithm Analysis and Design
Risk Mangement and Actuarial
C++ Programming Language
Urban Meteorology
Atmospheric Environment
Mathematical Methods in the Atmospheric Sciences
Atmospheric Physics
Basis of Mathematics
Basic Expansion Course of Foreign Language
International Expansion Course of Foreign Language
Software Development and Design
Practice of Mathematical Knowledge
Mathematics Curriculum Design

Semester 8
Graduation identification
Production Practice
Teaching Practice(High School)
Teaching Practice(State-owned enterprises)