Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology


MA Management Science and Engineering
Management Science and Engineering
Program Length: 3 years
Degree Type: management


Brief Introduction:
Management science and engineering is the discipline that  closely integrated management theory with management practice. First-level discipline of the management science and engineering in our school is developed on the basis of Information Management and Information System that this major of undergraduate was set in 2000.This discipline has initially formed a characteristic that is  "paying attention to basic research, service engineering practice, combining with the weather industry and the development of Jiangsu Province" and it has been assessed as one of the key disciplines of the China Meteorological Administration in 2008.
Objective of education: We are fostering the students to be the talents who have strong theoretical basis of management, grasp the knowledge deep and systematically and can settle down the problems in theory and practice by using the management method, systematic analysis method both in quantity and quality, and corresponding engineering technology. Based on this, they also should know of updates in related field, point out new and correct idea, theory and method, or settle down the practical problem by using latest research achievements scientifically. And also, they should grasp one foreign language to communicate, collect the lectures materials and write papers in professional field. 
Research orientation: Management science, Emergency management and emergency response systems, Financial engineering and risk management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Information Management and Information System, Educational Quality Management.


Course Content:
The course is divided into 3 academic years with each part comprising a number of modules as listed below.

Semester 1
Socialist theory and practice with Chinese characteristics
English writing and translating
Comprehensive English
Forefront Theories of Management Science
Senior economics
Optimization theory and methods
Quantitative Economics(Optional)

Semester 2
Management statistics
Game theory
Management Information System Case Study
System Engineering
Lectures on Literature Review and Subject Frontier
Professional English
General Dialectics of Nature(Optional)
Marxism and scientific methodology(Optional)
Oral English(Optional)
English for International Scholarly Exchange(Optional)
Management Information System(Optional)
Operation Research for Management(Optional)
Data Mining(Optional)

Semester 3
Emergency management(Optional)
Investment and Risk Management(Optional)
Supply chain management(Optional)
Planning and management of information resources(Optional)
Data management and analysis techniques(Optional)
Gray system theory(Optional)