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Materials Physics

Program Name: Materials Physics
Program Code: 071251
Program Length: 4 years
Degree Type: Science 


Brief Introduction:
Materials physics is an interdisciplinary field based on the principles of physics to study the structures, properties and performance of materials. It aims at exploring new functional materials for new energy and new information. This program offers systematical learning of basic theories, basic knowledge and basic skills of physics, materials science, materials chemistry and materials physics and basic training on exploration, preparation of materials as well as professional training on material processing, material structure and performance measurement, and material applications.

Main courses include basic physics, theoretical physics, solid state physics, material physics, electrics and electronics, mechanics of materials, physical chemistry, computer basis, basis of materials science, basis of materials engineering, composite materials, inorganic ceramic materials, organic polymer materials, magnetic physics, optical physics, atmospheric physics, bio-functional materials, computational materials science, environmental materials science, information functional materials, experiments on materials synthesis and preparation, experiments on characterization of material structures, experiments on material performance, etc. 


 Course Contents:

The program is divided into 4 academic years or 8 semesters and a moderate number of courses are delivered in each of them (follow the links to find out more about each course).

Semester I
Advanced Mathematics I (1)
Computer Basis I
University Physics Experiments (1)
Mechanical Drafting

Semester II
Advanced Mathematics I (2)
Linear Algebra
University Physics Experiments (2)
College Physics (1)
C Programming

Semester III
College Physics (2)
Probability and Statistics
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Mechanics

Semester IV
Physical Chemistry
Theoretical Physics I
Overiew of Materials
Laser Principles

Semester V
Theoretical Physics II
Basis of Solid-state Physics
Basis of Materials Science
Light Metal Materials
Inorganic Non-metal Materials Technology
Environmental Science of Materials
Information Materials
Advanced Energy Materials
Environmental Materials
Technology Frontiers of Advanced Materials

Semester VI
Basis of Materials Engineering
Theory of Phase Transformation
Composite Materials
Basis of Engineering Materials
Semiconducting Materials
Computational Materials Science

Semester VII
Material Physics and Chemistry
Organic Polymeric Materials
Optical Materials
Sensors and Testing Technology
Superconducting Materials
Biological Materials

Semester VIII
Research Project