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Public Sector Management

Public Sector  Management
Program Code: 10300
Program Length: 4 years
Degree Type: Management

Brief Introduction
PSM cultivates the student with knowledge of modern management theory, technology and methods and practical abilities. The advanced special talent with 4-year education can be engaged in management or policy analysis for the management department of government, culture sectors, enterprises, communities and property sectors. In the purpose of cultivating practical and interdisciplinary talents, the specialty puts important on practice, and sets the main education target as Public Meteorology Management and Property Management.

Main courses of this specialty includes: Politics Theories, College English, Advanced Mathematics, Principle of Management, Fundament of Administrative Science, Fundament of Politics, Public Finance, Political System of Contemporary China, Comparative Political Institution, Administrative Organization, Regional Government Administration, Municipal Administration, Public Policy, Introduction of Law, Outline of Sociology, Government Economics, Development & Management of Human Resource in Public Sector, Introduction of Community Management, Introduction of Property Management, Enterprise Planning, Enterprise Strategy Management, Psychology of Management, Office Automation, Specialty English. After graduation, the cultivated students could engage in administration sector, human resource sector and secretary sector of government, enterprise and other social groups, or continue to study the master with relative specialties of disciplines.


Course Content
The course is divided into 4 academic years with each part comprising a number of modules as listed below (follow the links to find out more about each module).

Semester 1
Principle of Management
Outline of Public Management

Semester 2
Fundament of Politics
Administrative Law
Principle of Administrative Science

Semester 3
Managerial Psychology 
Science of Sociology 
Science of Administrative Organization 
Science of Public Relations
Urban Management Science

Semester 4
The Governmental Process of Contemporary China 
Public Politics
Public Economics
Theory and Method of Social Investigation
Outline of Social Security

Semester 5
Ethics of Public Management
Quantitative Analysis for Management
History of Western Political Thoughts
Risk Management of Public Sector
Outline of Social Work

Semester 6
History of Public Management Thoughts
Applied Statistics
Public Services System
Outline of Social Issue
Outline of Social Policy
Law of Labor and Social Insurance
 Introduction to the Third Sector

Semester 7
Employment Guidance & Entrepreneurship Education
Management Information System Ⅱ

Semester 8
Graduation Thesis