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Research Group
Cloud Precipitation and Aerosol Group
The group studys on precipitation cloud system and artificial-seeding physical effect is carried out based on the advanced detector devices for cloud and precipitation... Read more »
Atmospheric Composition Change and Its Environmental and Climatic Effects Group
The group engages in the research work of possible climate consequence of atmospheric composition change caused by natural and anthropogenic factors... Read more »
Monsoon and Regional Climate Change Group
The group aims at the international frontier of Monsoon and Regional Climate Change Research field, emphasizes the combinations of theoretical... Read more »
Typhoon and Mesoscale Meteorology Group
The Typhoon and Mesoscale Meteorology Research group aims at the international frontier of Typhoon and Mesoscale Meteorology field, emphasizes... Read more »
Climate Simulation and Prediction Group
Effective climate prediction and disaster prevention and reduction have become a prior demand for national’s social and economic development... Read more »