Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology

School of Economics & Management


In recent five years, our school has undertaken about 269 research projects, including 38 national projects, 67 provincial projects, 65 municipal projects and 40 horizontal projects, with the totaled contract funds of 26,703,000 yuan. Also our teachers have published 729 academic papers including 620 papers published on the core journals, 41 monographs and received 97 prizes at all levels. Our school possesses some provincial and school-level research institutes, such as China Manufacturer Development Research Center which is approved as the Key Research Base for Philosophy and Social Sciences by Education Department of Jiangsu Province, Sub-center of Innovation Research Center of Tsinghua University, Technology Human Resource Research Center of China Association for Science and Technology, Key Logistics Management Research Center in Jiangsu Province, Meteorological Service and Science Research Center of NUIST (CMA Public Meteorological Service Center), Talent Cultivation Research Center in Jiangsu Province (Decision-making Consultation Research Base in Jiangsu Province) and Research Center for Reindustrialization Strategy in US and Europe. We also have the national “Training Mode Innovative Experimental Area of Financial and Accounting Talent”, “Test Experimental Center of Economics and Management” (Experimental teaching demonstration center in Jiangsu province), experiment centers supported by Central Government Funds and other provincial teaching platforms. And we have the “Accounting and Audit Development Research Institute” co-constructed by NUIST and Zhongxing Fuhua Accounting Firm. We have eight stable research groups with reasonable structure. And the school extensively carries out domestic and international academic exchange activities which has created the strong academic atmosphere.


There exist 9 research groups as follows:

Financial management team
Applied economic research groups
Computing Research Group
Innovation Talent Research Group
Human resource management in Meteorological field Research Group
The marketing scientific research team provides commercial weather service
Meteorological Disaster Emergency Logistics Research Group
Emergency Management Research Group
Environmental Accounting Research Group
Trade and Economics Research Group
Information Analysis Research Group