Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology

School of Public Administration


Research Overview
The School has a number of research centers and experimental teaching bases, including Institute of Climate Change and Public Meteorological Service, Institute of Climate Policy and Administration, Institute of Climate Change and Public Policy, Center of Haze Monitoring, Alert,Prevention and Control, Comprehensive Practice and Education Center of Public Administration. 

Since 2007, SPA (School of Public Administration) has organized 226 programs referring many categories and ranks. In these programs, there are 12 national programs, including 1 NSS (National Social Science) Bidding Program, 7 NSSF (National Social Science Fund) Programs, 2 NSSF late sponsoring programs and 2 NSF (National Science Fund). There are 88 department-ranked and province-ranked programs, including 22 Education Department programs, 1 Financial Department Special Program, 22 NSSF of Jiang Su Province and 34 soft science programs of Chinese Meteorology Bureau. In these years, SPA’s research funding authorized by government has reach to 9.9 million RMB, including vertical-subject funding with 8932 thousand RMB and horizontal-subject funding with 968 thousand RMB. In the term of publications, SPA has published 21 books in many important publishers home and aboard, such as PPH (People’s Publishing House) and DSSP (Chinese Social Science Press). Science 2007, SPA has published 702 thesis, which includes the theses published on the core journals such as People’s Daily, Marxism & Reality, natural dialectics research, Philosophy Trend. There are 13 theses reprinted or adapted by Xinhua Digest, Chinese Social Science Digest, The People's University Press Information. SPA has gained 75 awards involving many kinds and ranks, including the “5 One Program” of establishment of spiritual civilization of Jiang Su Province, Outstanding achievement award of Jiang Su Philosophy & Social Science, outstanding research award of the 16th “An Zijie International Trade Research”, outstanding achievement of national education science research.


Research Groups
School of Marxism
Research Institution of Public Policy
Research Center of Public Meteorology Administration
Innovation & Development Research Center of Marxism Theory
Research Institution of Contemporary Social Development
Research Institution of Labor Relations & Social Insurance
Research Center Legal Issue Tackling Climate Change