Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology


MSc Software Engineering

Program Name: Software Engineering
Program Code:  0835
Program Length: 3 years
Degree Type: Master of Science


Course Summary

The master program of Software Engineering nurtures advanced talented graduates characterized by a fairly strong entrepreneurial spirit, fully devoted, and creative attitude. Students who choose this program will have solid theoretical foundation and systematic professional knowledge on computer software. They will be able to take charge of system analysis, system design, software development, project development, software production and management of large software. They will get familiar with international specifications of software industry. They will compose scientific and technical paper in Chinese and/or English, being able to exchange academic opinion in English. They will improve their overall ability on innovative by chasing research cutting-edge and development on software engineering and related subjects.


Course Content

The modules in this program include:

Semester I
Algorithm Design and Analysis
Software Architecture
Modern Database Technologies
The Matrix Theory

Semester II
Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition
Digital Image Process
Information Security and Applied Cryptography

Embedded Software Development