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Scientific Research

 The Marxist Academy attaches great importance to scientific research. We encourage scientific research and teaching to be interactive. So the scientific research has made outstanding progress. The school has been formed six disciplines with strong research strength that are the Chinese Marxism, the Basic Principles of Marxism, Ideological and Political Education, the Construction of Socialist Ecological Civilization, the Study of the Basic Problems of Modern Chinese History, Foreign Marxist Research .Discipline direction has a certain frontier and applicability, and economic and social development needs are closely related.


Up to now, disciplines has made fruitful scientific research. At present, more than 650 papers published above the core papers of which 53 authoritative papers, 320 published on CSSCI, 18 academic monographs, and5 translations. In the past five years, the number of national social science fund projects has been approved by the National Academy of Social Sciences in the province to maintain the top five, including Nanjing Normal University in 2012, and Jiangsu Normal University in 2014 tied for the province first; And we also access to the National Social Science Fund funded a number of projects of the top three colleges in the province. We bear all kinds of items 153, including the National Social Science Fund major tender project 1 and the National Social Science Fund key project 1(In 2011, the province's colleges and universities to obtain a major Marxist bidding project 5 and key projects 6). The National Social Science Fund General Project, the Youth Project and the latter part of the project are 19. The Ministry of Education, the provincial planning office and other provincial and ministerial level issues are 84, and other projects are 48.  The contract costs are 8.513 million yuan, and per capita research funding is 20.27 million yuan. We have sufficient funding for research.