Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology


Statistics and Applied Statistics
  • Program Code: 071601
  • Program Length: 4 years
  • Degree Type: Bachelor of Science


Brief Introduction:
Statistics is the study of the collection, organization, analysis, and interpretation of data. It deals with all aspects of this, including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments. Our courses embody the fundamentals of statistics and tend to emphasize the application of statistical techniques. The program is to acquaint students with the role played in science and technology by probabilistic and statistical ideas and methods, to provide instruction in the theory and application of techniques that have been found to be commonly useful.
Students who choose this subject will accept systematic training of statistical theories and applied skills, and have the basic ability of data processing and statistical analyzing. The graduates should acquire the knowledge and ability in the following aspects:
Solid mathematical foundation, more rigorous scientific thinking training;
To grasp the basic theories, knowledge and approaches of statistics;
To master the basics of the computer, the skilled application of statistical software or other special software, and the correct usage of statistical methods to calculate and analyze;
To master the basic knowledge of natural, social, economic, engineering and  biomedical statistics, to have the initial capacity of solving practical problems by statistical theory and methods.

Course Content:
The course is divided into 4 academic years with each part comprising a number of modules as listed below (follow the links to find out more about each module).

Semester 1
Situation and Policies
Career Planning and Innovation in Education
Sports I
Computer Basis I
Introduction of Atmospheric Sciences
College English I
Mathematics Analysis
Advanced Algebra
Analytic Geometry

Semester 2
Military theory
Outline of Modern Chinese History
Sports II
College English II
C++ Language Programming
Mathematical Analysis II
Advanced Algebra II

Semester 3
Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis
Sports III
College English III
Mathematics Analysis III
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Western Economics
Mathematical Experiment

Semester 4
Sports IV
College English IV
Ordinary Differential Equations
Practical Regression Analysis
Statistical Analysis Software Application
Mathematical Modeling
Operations Research

Semester 5
Multivariate Statistical Analysis
Sampling Survey
Applied Stochastic Processes
Numerical Analysis
Mathematical Finance
Data Mining
Experimental Design
Discrete Mathematics
Real Variable Function

Semester 6
Time Series Analysis
Database Technology and Applications
Quality Management
Statistical Forecasting and Decision-Making
Non-parametric Statistics
Combinatorial Mathematics

Semester 7
Career Guidance and Entrepreneurship
Survival Analysis
Grey Theory
Fuzzy Mathematics
Modern Statistical Methods
Securities Investment Analysis

Semester 8
Final Thesis/Project