Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology



Translation Major
1. Training Objective
This major aims to cultivate students to be specialized talents who will be developed in the round of moral, intellectual, physical, and have solid English language foundation and consummate language communicative ability, grasp various translation knowledge and skills, and can be engaged in interpretation and translation in education, science and technology, business, media, law and tourism, and other fields.

2. Training Norm (Basic Requirements)
These professional students need to have solid English language and cultural knowledge, and systematically understand the translation theory between Chinese and western, master the basic specialized knowledge related to the work after graduation, have the strong interpretation and translation ability, the team cooperation consciousness and innovative spirit. The graduates should have the following quality, knowledge and ability:
 1) have solid bilingual basic knowledge and good spoken and written expression ability.
 2) grasp a comprehensive understanding of the differences between Chinese and western culture, and have strong ability of cross-cultural communication.
 3) be familiar with translation theory, and master the basic skills of interpretation and translation about various embryonic literary forms.
 4) be able to skillfully use translation tools, and have skills of translation project management in some degree.
 5) have overall knowledge literacy about human, science and technology, and communication ability.

3. The Course System Class Hours and Credits
                           Table 1. The Course System Class Hours and Credits

Course Type  Curriculum Class Hour/Credit Proportion(%)
Basic General Courses Compulsory 672/43 23.9
General Electives Optional 96/6 3.3
Basic Disciplinary Courses Compulsory 442/24 13.3
Professional Main Courses Compulsory 453/28 15.6
Professional Direction Courses Optional 352/22 12.2
Professional Elective Courses Optional 464/29 16.2
Internship and Practical Training Compulsory 24 13.3
Optional 64/4 2.2
Total   2447/180 100

4. Basic Disciplinary Courses
Integrated English, Audio-visual, English Reading & Writing

5. Professional Main Courses
Interpretation, Translation in English-Chinese, Translation in Chinese-English, Essentials of Translation, Introduction to Linguistics

6. Professional Direction Courses
Chinese Classical Literary Appreciation, Cross-cultural Comparison, Translation Criticism and Appreciation, Media Translation, Legal Translation, Sports Cultural Translation, Tourism Translation, Business Translation, Alternate Interpretation Skills and Training,  Simultaneous interpreting of international conferences, Meteorological Technical Translation Methods and Skills.

7. Meteorological Characteristics Course (except Overview of Atmospheric Science)
Meteorological Folklore, Global Climate Change and Countermeasure, Meteorological Science and Technology English Literature Translation, Meteorological Science and Technology English Reading.

8. Length of Schooling: 4 years

9. Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Arts