Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology

School of Marine Sciences


 Our school offers rigorous, science-based programs with opportunities to learn from and work with national and international scholars. Through these opportunities students can identify, and focus on, interesting problems of societal importance, while seeking undergraduate and graduate degrees to advance their careers. 

 We offer BS degree in Marine Sciences. A full range of concentrations is available, which include physical oceanography, marine meteorology, remote sensing, chemical oceanography, biological oceanography, ecology, etc. Courses offered in the school are for senior undergraduate and graduate students only. Marine Sciences freshmen and sophomores are required to fulfill all the core course requirements by the University, including advanced mathematics, general physics, among others. Below is a list of the courses we are offering.

The main courses of this program as following:

General Chemistry
Biological Oceanography
Marine Ecology
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Ocean Circulation
Statistical Forecast Method
Introduction to Marine Sciences
Sea-Land-Atmosphere Interaction
Marine Geology
Global Change
Scientific English