Nanjing University of
Information Science & Technology


Water Supply and Drainage

Program Name: Water Supply and Drainage
Program Code: 070602
Program Length: 4 years
Degree Type: Engineering


 Course Summary

The undergraduate programme of Water Supply & Drainage focuses on urban water supply engineering, drainage engineering, construction water supply and drainage engineering, industrial water supply and drainage engineering, water pollution control planning and water resource protection and so on. In addition to specialized courses, students are also given basic trainings on computer technology and drafting, pollutant monitoring and analysis, engineering design, and management and planning.


Course Content:

Semester 1
Military Theory
Philosophy and Law
Career Planning
Physical Education
Computer Science Foundation
Advanced Mathematics
Physics Experiment
Freshman Orientation

Semester 2
China History
Physical Education
Atmospheric Science Overview
Linear Algebra
Advanced Mathematics
Physics Experiment
C Programming Language Design or FORTRAN

Semester 3
China Philosophies
Physical Education
Probability and Statistics
General Chemistry
Water Analysis Chemistry
Water Analysis Chemistry Experiment
Cognition Practice

Semester 4
China Philosophies
Physical Education
Construction Cartography
Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Fluid Mechanics
Engineering Fluid Mechanics Experiment
Water Treatment Microbiology
Water Treatment Microbiology Experiment
Physical Chemistry
Surveying Practice

Semester 5
Water Quality Engineering I
Water Quality Engineering II
Water Treatment Technology
Construction Water Supply and Drainage Engineering
Water Supply and Drainage Pipeline System
Pump and Pump Station
Water Engineering Construction
Water Engineering Economy
Urban Flood Control and Flood Utilization
Atmospheric Chemistry
Water Supply and Drainage Pipeline System Course Design

Semester 6
Water Treatment Construction Design and Calculation
Water Process Equipment Foundations
Water Recourse Utilization and Protection
Environmental Engineering
Water Treatment Cutting-Edge Techniques and Process
Urban Water Engineering Instrument and Control
Hydrology and Hydrogeology
Water Supply and Drainage CAD
Computer Application in Urban Water Engineering
Civil Engineering Foundations
Construction Materials
Meteorological Information System Engineering
Modern Lightning Protection Technology
Water Treatment Construction Course Design

Semester 7
HVAC Overview
Environmental Performance Assessment
Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development
Environmental Planning and Management
Term Paper

Semester 8
Production Practice
Final Project