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Information Science & Technology

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Brief Introduction
Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology (NUIST), founded in 1960 and renamed from Nanjing Institute of Meteorology in 2004, was designated in 1978 as one of the key institutions of higher learning... Read more >>
Chancellor’s Message
Welcome to visit the homepage of Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology. Through this website, you will gain an initial understanding of the whole history of NUIST, and acquire some perception of... Read more >>
School Motto
The university inherits the excellent ethos of “austerity, diligence, truth-seeking and self-motivation”, abides by the motto of Promotion of Virtue, Investigation of Nature, Cultivation of Self, Construction of... Read more >>
Key People
The university has a full administration institution with one president and chancellor, and several vice chancellors and vice presidents. Many of them are wellknown scientists and administrative talents in different areas... Read more >>
Short Video about NUIST
The university has set up cooperative with many famous overseas universities and institutions. Many foreign students and scientists are in the campus. Through the short video you may lively sense the scene... Read more >>
Campus Sights
The beautiful natural scenery, together with european style buildings and lakes, form an old-timey beautiful, peaceful and pleasant campus and is an ideal place for students and scholars. Various kinds of plants... Read more >>
The university has brought up more than 50 thousand graduates of various types. Many of the schoolfellows have become scientists, scholars and senior managers famous at home and abroad, including members... Read more >>