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Delegation of University of Reading led by Sir David Bell,Vice Chancellor Visiting NUIST and Signing an Agreement

2016-09-13 15:16:23


Signing Ceremony


On the morning of Sept.12, 2016, Sir David Bell, Vice Chancellor of University of Reading (UoR), with his delegation paid a visit to NUIST. This is his second visit to NUIST after his first one in 2013. Members of this delegation are Mr. Vincenzo Raimo, pro-vice chancellor of UoR (Global Engagement), Miss Sue Martin, Head of Supporter Engagement and Alumni Relations, Campaigns and Supporter Engagement Office, Prof. Yinshan Tang, Vice Dean, Henley Business School and Prof. Daguo Li, Director China Partnerships, International Study and Language Institute. Chancellor Li Lianshui and President Jiang Jianqing met the delegation in the meeting room 316, Administrative Building, in which the meeting was presided over by Min Jinzhong, vice president of NUIST.
Chancellor Li welcomed Sir David Bell for his second visit to our university, reviewing the process of friendly cooperation between both universities since his visit to UoR in 2008. He emphasized that leader group of NUIST attaches great importance to the collaboration with UoR, endeavoring all efforts and engagement to the development of joint academy since the agreement signed for establishing the cooperatively running academy in 2013., NUIST Reading Academy was approved by Ministry of Education, China in April, 2015 and has achieved great accomplishment after over one year’s development. Then he extended his sincere thanks to UoR for their forward-looking and support to the development of NUIST Reading Academy, expecting UoR to continuously sustain Reading Academy. Both UNIST and UoR will carry on comprehensive cooperation to build Reading Academy into an example of Sino-foreign co-running schools.
President Jiang Jianqing stressed that the favorable cooperative situation attributes to the strong willingness and endeavors by both UNIST and UoR”. He also pointed out that China as a developing country needs batches of excellent talents, and it is undoubtedly necessary to introduce the affluent high quality education resources from the UK and combine them with Chinese educational resources to cultivate internationalized elite talents with global vision, which is the broad environment for collaboration and cooperation between the two universities. The leaders group of NUIST anchors the cooperation with UoR at a strategic perspective, aiming to building Reading Academy into the “special educational zone”. NUIST will integrate resources and explore more approaches of cooperation to forge Reading Academy into a high level and exemplary Sino-foreign joint institution.
Sir David Bell was highly delighted to see the fast development of Reading Academy after merely over one year’s establishment and was deeply impressed by all the advanced teaching facilities, working enthusiasm of teachers and spirituality of students in the Academy. In special, he mentioned that he didn’t expect so great achievements in such a short time Reading Academy has made when he visited UNIST 3 years ago signing the agreement for applying the Academy. He also emphasized that it is equal for us to cooperate and we together should make full use of the golden era between China and UK, deepening the strength to strength cooperation to build the Reading Academy. Then Sir David Bell gave his commitment on behalf of UoR that they will continuously back up the cooperation with Chinese universities, especially the cooperation with NUIST and the joint Reading Academy.
NUIST is not only an important partner, but also a member of UoR, said by Vincenzo Raimo. He was very delighted to witness the fast growing of Reading Academy and shew his grateful congratulations on Reading Academy because it was listed by JPED on the Provincial Project for Constructing High Level and Exemplary Joint Schools.
At last, presider Min Jingzhong, concluded that as to the consensus they made during his visit to UoR in July this year, the new agreement will facilitate cooperation between the two universities from 4 aspects: talents cultivation, scientific research, faculty and students exchange, information and resources sharing.

After the meeting, there was a signing ceremony between Sir David Bell and President Jiang, ended by exchanging gifts and group photo.

Sir David Bell delivering a speech

Mr. Vincenzo Raimo delivering a speech

Chancellor Li Lianshui delivering a speech

President Jiang Jianqing delivering a speech

Vice presidentMin Jinzhong presiding over the meeting

Panorama of the meeting