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Prof. Guy P. Brasseur, Chair of JSC, WCRP was appointed as Honorary Professor of NUIST

2016-09-19 10:20:40


On the morning of Sept.18, Prof. Guy Pierre Brasseur, Chair of the Joint Science Committee (JSC) of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) paid a visit to our university. President Jiang Jianqing met him in the Lecture Hall, Meteorology Building at NUIST and awarded the letter of appointment to him. The awarding ceremony and lecture by Prof. Brasseur was hosted by Min Jinzhong, vice president of NUIST and attended by representatives from International Affairs Office, Department of Personnel and School of Environmental Science.
Prof. Brasseur presented a lecture titled “Air Quality and the earth system” to the teachers and students from NUIST. In the first part, he reviewed local air pollution, acid rain, air pollutants transition within continents, ozone hole, climate change, urbanization and regional air pollution. Then he made an analysis on regional air pollution, indicating that air pollution has caused huge damage to human being and aroused widely attention. He came up with the suggestion of studying regional air pollution by means of observation, modeling and reverse modeling and obtaining air quality forecast results via data input, modeling and data assimilation. At last, Prof. Brasseur introduced air quality and earth system. And in his lecture, Prof. Brasseur applied a number of living examples to illustrate profound academic issues concerned by people.
At the end of the lecture, Prof. Brasseur had a heat discussion with the students and teachers there.

Awarding letter of appointment