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Dr. Thomas O’Toole, Vice President of Waterford Institute of Technology, Visiting NUIST

2016-10-19 11:02:28

In the afternoon of Oct. 18th, Dr. Thomas O’Toole, Vice President of Ireland Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), with his delegation of 3 people paid a visit to NUIST. Vice President Min Jinzhong met them with company of representatives from the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges and School of Computer and Software, NUIST.

At the beginning Vice President Min Jinzhong warmly welcomed Dr. Thomas O’Toole for his visit to our university, reviewing the process of friendly cooperation between both universities. He pointed out that the Software Engineering Program with WIT is one of the earliest international cooperative projects with the maximum enrollment carried out by NUIST. Mutual cooperation has made great achievements since 2006. To strengthen the favorable situation between NUIST and WIT and to stimulate deeper collaborations he suggested that both parties should summarize the experience and discuss more cooperation models in the aspects of specialties, faculty exchanging and training, scientific research, and so on.

As the vice president of WIT, Dr. Thomas O’Toole has been attaching great importance to the collaboration with NUIST, holding high expectation to the future. Dr. Pádraig Kirwan, a delegate of WIT, as the Dean of school of Computer Science of WIT, will have a further discussion with the School of Computer and Software of NUIST on teaching affairs of the software engineering specialty.

Tang Guoyue, Director of International Cooperation and Exchanges, and Liu Qi, vice Dean of School of Computer Science, exchanged their opinions on how to extend the successful experience and how to broaden cooperation fields based on achievements in cooperatively running schools.