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KMIPA Delegation from South Korea paying a visit to NUIST and Signing a Donation Agreement

2016-11-04 16:13:55



    On the morning of November 3, 2016 , KMIPA(Korea Meteorological Industry Promotion Agency)Delegation of 14 people from South Korea visited our university and donated the automatic meteorological observation station with relevant equipment and software. President Jiang Jianqing and Vice President Min Jinzhong met them in the Administration Building. Representatives of Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, School of Atmospheric Physics and Laboratory and Equipment Management Division attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Vice President Min.
President Jiang Jianqing welcomed President Kim Jong Seok and the delegation for their first visit to NUIST. He briefly introduced our university, emphasizing on NUIST’s contribution in cultivating meteorological professionals for China and the world since its establishment in 1960. President Jiang hoped that both parties could take this donation opportunity to fulfill further cooperation in Nanjing, a city with a long history and rich historical and cultural heritage.
 President Kim Jong Seok said he was very interested in the history of Nanjing and was amazed at the 56 years’ development of our university. He also expressed that KMIPA would take this precious chance to build a basic platform for mutual cooperation in meteorology and hoped both parties could make joint efforts to cope with global climate changes by making use of these meteorological equipment to attain important meteorological information.
Wang Weiwei who is in charge of the Observation Station of NUIST introduced the process of this donation activity. Han Kyung Dong from JINYANG INDUSTRAL CO., LTD of South Korea made an introduction of the donated equipment and Ryu Seong Hyen from MIRAE CLIMATE CO., LTD demonstrated how to use the software related to the devices.
At the end, both parties signed on the donation agreement. Two suits of tower-typed automatic meteorological observation station and relevant equipment and software and 3-D meteorological data displaying software from another company will be installed and debugged in our observation station sooner.