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Cloud Precipitation and Aerosol Group


Observational study on precipitation cloud system and artificial-seeding physical effect is carried out based on the advanced detector devices for cloud and precipitation physics, including aircraft as the main detection platform, satellites, radars, ground-based pluviometer and rainfall intensity recorder network, as well as raindrop spectrograph. Physical and chemical mechanisms of fog are studied by comprehensive field observations. The spatial and temporal distributions of hydrometeors in a supercell are simulated and analyzed by use of a three-dimensional compressible non-hydrostatic convective cloud model. Aerosol indirect radiation effects are studied for parameterization according to the integrated ground-based experiments, aircraft field tests and remote sensing observations in China.

Research Fields:

Observational study on cloud-precipitation physical process and artificial-seeding physical effect 
Comprehensive research on physical and chemical mechanisms and pollution prevention mechanism of fog
Fog acidification mechanism research in urban and suburb areas
Study of source identification of Ozone in surface layer
Numerical study on convective precipitation mechanism of warm cloud in South China and numerical study on Artificial seeding plan
Research on aerosol indirect radiation effects

Group Member:

Prof. Niu Shengjie
Prof. Yin Yan
Prof. Fan Shuxian
Prof. Zhu Bin
Prof. Yang Jun
Prof. Qiu Yujun
Prof. Jin Lianji
Prof. Liu Xiaoli