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Atmospheric Composition Change and Its Environmental and Climatic Effects Group


Studies have been carried on according to atmospheric composition sources, chemical conversion mechanism, mechanism of pollution and air pollution control technology, remote sensing and numerical simulation. The group engages in the research work of possible climate consequence of atmospheric composition change caused by natural and anthropogenic factors. Investigation is advanced to figure out the relationship between atmospheric environment and agricultural safety production and clearer production.

Research Fields:

Research of atmospheric composition variation mechanism
Climate effect on atmospheric composition change
Effect on environment, agriculture and ecology by atmospheric composition change

Group Member:

Prof. Yin Yan
Prof. Niu Shengjie
Prof. Zheng Youfei
Prof. Minjinzhong 
Prof. Fan Shuxian
Prof. Zhu Bin
Prof. Yang Jun
Prof. Diao Yiwei
Prof. Jin Lianji
Prof. Qiu Yujun
Prof. An Junlin
Prof. Li Yanwei
Prof. Wang Yongwei
Prof. Liu Xiaoli
Prof. Wang Weiwei