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Monsoon and Regional Climate Change Group


With the context of global change, meteorological disasters such as drought and waterlogging happened frequently in China due to her geographic location---East Asian Monsoon Area, which became a major factor that restrict national sustainable development. Therefore, it is significantly important to conduct research on monsoon and regional climate change. The team aims at the international frontier of Monsoon and Regional Climate Change Research field, emphasizes the combinations of theoretical research and national needs, research output and practical operation, scientific research and personnel training. Monsoon and Regional Climate Change research is a classic but frontier and practical area.

Currently, we have several experienced researchers with high international reputation in the fields of monsoon system, regional climate change and prediction. A lot of scientific achievements have been made in the fields of multiscale variability of East Asian monsoon and the mechanism of China’s drought and waterlogging disaster, regional climate change, etc. Until recently, the team have successfully applied for several projects supported by Special Scientific Research Fund of Meteorological Public Welfare Profession of China, National 973 Project, National Science and Technology Support Program Projects and multiple funding by NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China). Hundreds of papers have been published on key periodicals. The team also published 3 books including 2 English books.

Research Directions:

Variation of East Asian Monsoon System and Multi-spherical Interaction: study the seasonal, annual and decadal variation pattern of Asian monsoon; study the influence of ocean-land-air on East Asian monsoon and its change mechanism at different time scale; study the change and interaction of different East Asian monsoon and its impact on China’s drought and waterlogging disasters.
Monitoring on Regional Climate Change and Attribution Research: study China’s regional climate change in response to global change; analyze the change pattern and causes of East Asian regional climate; conduct scenario evaluation on China’s extreme climate events; carry out numerical simulation and prediction research on regional climate system; simulate the variation trend of East Asian regional climate.

Group Member:

Haiming Xu
Jinhai He
Zhihong Jiang
Pinwen Guo
Xiefei Zhi
Junfeng Miao
Er Lu
Xi Wu
Shunwu Zhou
Shanshan Zhong
Hongyun Ma
Suxiang Yao