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Typhoon and Mesoscale Meteorology Group


The Typhoon and Mesoscale Meteorology Research Team was established under the background of nation’s economic and social development. The team aims at the international frontier of Typhoon and Mesoscale Meteorology field, emphasizes the combinations of theoretical research and national needs, research output and practical operation, scientific research and personnel training. We have set up featured and stable research directions in the Typhoon and Mesoscale Meteorology field. Currently, we have several experienced researchers with high international reputation in the fields of typhoon dynamics, diagnostic analysis of multi-resource data, numerical simulation and data assimilation. The team boasts strong scientific power with years’ international cooperation history and technology integration capability. Relied on the joint research platform of national key subject “Meteorology” and Key Laboratory of Meteorological Disaster co-funded by Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Province, we have successfully applied for 2 projects supported by Special Scientific Research Fund of Meteorological Public Welfare Profession of China, 1 project supported by National 973 Project and multiple funding by NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China). Since 2008 the team has published over 100 SCI indexed papers, whose research findings has contributed a lot to the development of Typhoon and Mesoscale Meteorology research, national economy and civil security.

Research Fields:

Typhoon Dynamics: study typhoon movement, structure and intensity change, as well as dynamic process such as the distribution of severe precipitation;
Typhoon Climate: study the climate change and its mechanism of typhoon activities; the uncertainties of future typhoon activities;
Mesoscale Meteorology: study mesoscale dynamics, numerical simulation and data assimilation.

Group Member:

Liguang Wu, Dalin Zhang, Weisong Lu, Zhexian Luo, Jinzhong Min,Weican Zhou, Xinyong Shen, Zhiying Ding, Jinhua Yu, Yongqing Wang, Yuqing Wang, Hua Chen, Yu Zhao, Haiyan Shao, Weiyu Pan, Lixin Zhang, Haikun Zhao