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Climate Simulation and Prediction Group


Effective climate prediction and disaster prevention and reduction have become a prior demand for national social and economic development. Climate Simulation and Prediction Research Team aim at upgrading our short-term climate prediction quality and disaster prevention and reduction services. The team focuses on solving key scientific problems such as the diagnosis of East Asian atmospheric circulation and climate variability, troposphere and stratosphere interaction, land surface processes and numerical simulation of East Asian climate, methods for short-term climate prediction. We have made plenty of influencing and high academic achievement on climate diagnosis, simulation and prediction area. Several high academic papers have been published. The team members have undertaken and participated in a series of national and provincial climate prediction related research projects. Currently, we have trained a group of young researchers with high academic quality and research capability. In 2010, the team was evaluated as Excellent Creative team of “Blue Project of Jiangsu Province”.

Research Directions:

Climate Diagnoses: study atmospheric circulation variability, ocean-air interaction, troposphere and stratosphere interaction and its connections to China’s climate variability.
Climate Simulation: land surface processes, numerical simulation of East Asian climate, simulation of regional climate.
Climate Prediction: study the methods of short-term climate statistical prediction and short-term climate dynamic prediction.

Group Member:

Zhaoyong Guan, Zhaobo Sun, Panxing Wang, Dongliang Li, Weijun Zhu, Haishan Chen, Lijuan Wang, Guirong Tan, Wen Wang, Qingjiu Gao, Liping Li, Gang Zeng, Zhongxian Li, Chunhua Shi, Yaoming Song, Jie Zhang, Hai Zhi, Mingkeng Duan