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Professional Labs


Natural Sciences
Key Laboratory of Meteorological Disaster co-funded by Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Province
Experimental Teaching Center for Atmospheric Science
Atmospheric Environment Centre
Laboratory of Ocean Dynamic Environment and Satellite Oceanography (under construction)
Applied Hydrometeorological Research Institute (AHMRI)
Mathematics Education Experimental Center(MEEC)
Meteorological Information Processed Laboratory
AI Greenhouse Laboratory
Water and Fertilizer Controlled Test Site
Crop Growth Simulation Laboratory
Lab of Agricultural Resources and Environment
Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Agricultural Meteorology
Environmental Sciences
Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Environment Monitoring and Pollution Control
Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centre of Environmental Science and Engineering
Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centre of Chemistry
Humanities and Social Sciences
Center for Economic & Management Experiment Teaching
Multi-dimensional Comprehensive Language Training Center
Translation Theory and Practice Research Institute
Institute of Literature during the Republic of China
Theory and Practice of Foreign Language Teaching Research Institute
English Language and Literature Research Institute
Meteorological Culture of Language and Culture Institute
The Yangtze River Delta Creative Industry and Art Research Centre
High Performance Grid & Parallel Computing Laboratory             
Image Processing and Pattern Recognition laboratory
Network and Embedded Development Lab
Software Engineering Laboratory
Information Security Laboratory
Electrical Engineering Lab Center
Internet of Things Engineering (IOFTE) Center
Automation Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center
iMac Laboratory
Photo & Film Studio
Recording Studio
CG Laboratories
Audio-Visual Studio
Meteorological Animation Laboratory
Interactive Media Laboratory