Vice President



Vice President

Engaged in mathematics teaching and research for a long time.  Main research fields are Combination Ring and Combination Algebra, Differential Algebra and Higher Education Management. Taught basic courses such as Higher Algebra, Modern Algebra, Selected Higher Algebra, Real Variable Function and Complex Variable Function to undergraduates. Instructed 30 master's and doctoral students in the theoretical courses such as Ring and Algebra, Ring and Model Category.  More than 110 research papers on Mathematics and 20 research papers on education and teaching have been published in important academic journals such as Science China Mathematics, Comm. Algebra, Linear Algebra Appl, Front Math China, Algebra Colloquium Chinese Science, Journal of Mathematics and Progress of Mathematics.

Study experience

1995-1996, senior visiting scholar, Department of Mathematics, Beijing Normal University;

2000-2003, Doctoral Degree Postgraduate, School of Mathematics, Jilin University;

2003-2005, Postdoctoral Degree, School of Mathematical Sciences, Nankai University;

November 2010, Presidents' Seminar on Teaching Management in Colleges and Universities of University of Missouri.


Work experience

1997-2001, Deputy Director, Department of Mathematics, Anshan Normal University, Secretary of the General Party Branch and Member of the Party Committee of the University;

2002-2005, Standing Committee and Vice-President of the Party Committee of Anshan Normal University;

2006-2007, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing Xiaozhuang College;
 2008, members and deputy directors of the Party Group of the Education Department of Ningxia Autonomous Region, and head of the central doctoral service delegation to Ningxia;

2009-2017, Vice-President, Member of the Party Committee and Standing Committee of the CPC Party Committee of Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology;

July 2017 up to now,  Deputy Secretary and Vice President of the Party Committee of Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology.


In 1994, Zeng Xianzi Education Fund Teacher Award of the State Education Commission;

In 2000, outstanding young teachers in colleges and universities of Liaoning province;

In 2001, the training object of Liaoning Province's Millions of Talents Project;

In 2004, excellent scientific and technological workers in Liaoning province;

In 2007, young and middle-aged scientific and technological leaders of 333 High-level Talents Training Project in Jiangsu province.