Glance at NUIST Canteens

The university Foodstuff Servicing Center is operating four large campus canteens, which occupies a construction area of 24,600 square meters, and have a total sitting capacity of over 10,000. They are located respectively in the Eastern (1), Central (2) and Western Campuses (Canteen photos) . Three of them were recently built are equipped with the latest cooking and dining facilities, such as stainless steel dining tray, comfortable tables and chairs and smokeless gas & oil stoves.

Food, snacks of diversified Chinese styles with low prices are offered in these canteens. Particularly, the Tianqi (Heavenly Luck) Restaurant on the third floor of the Eastern Campus canteen is capable of serving high-quality Chinese food. And the new Central Campus canteen also provides traditional Islamic food on the second floor.

Canteen of Middle Campus

Canteen of West Campus

Canteen of East Campus

Delicious Food

Cheese Baked Rice


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