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  • About us

The School of Electronics and Information Engineering was founded in August,2006. Currently, there are 105 faculties in the school , including 12 professors and more than 28 associate professors (including senior engineers). And there are about 90% teachers who have PhD degree., which is a strong, structured and activity teams.

School teachers in recent years has published 15 books, textbooks, and translations, and more than 800 papers and published articles. And there are more than 300 which were contained by SCI, EI and ISTP. Commitment to national, provincial and various number of horizontal issues, and a number of results were awarded by scientific and technological progress awards, and national patent. In communications and electronic information engineering theory and applied research, we have reached a higher level, some already have been the leading domestic level, some researches have been applied to production, and made great economic benefits.

We have Jiangsu Province, electrical and electronic experimental teaching demonstration center, Jiangsu Communications and Information Technology Experimental Demonstration Center and Electronic Science and Technology Teaching Experiment Center which are builted by Central and local governments .Also the Demonstration center consists of communications engineering laboratory, Microcomputer Principle and Interface Laboratory, weak signal detection laboratory, embedded system design laboratory, optical signal detection and processing laboratories, communications and information processing center which is on construction, Electronic and Information Engineering experimental center, and microwave and radio wave propagation centers and laboratories, the application of comprehensive laboratory and other electronic technology laboratory.

School offers four master's degrees. They are information and communication engineering master's degree(grade-1 subject), and communications and information systems, signal and information processing master’s degree(grade-2 subjects), and electronics and communication engineering master's degree (Master of Engineering),.Also with other brothers College, we share doctoral science and technology of remote sensing, meteorology doctoral information technology and security, systems science and a master's degree disciplines, and two academic master's degree of systems analysis and integration, and systems theory.

There are four majors in our school which is communication engineering, information engineering, electronic science and technology, and electronic information engineering. The Electronic and Information Engineering is the national characteristics major which is on construction.

• Department of Physics
There are 14 faculty members in the Department of Physics. The Department offers one undergraduate program of physics and also contributes to all the physics-related teaching affairs of the University. The research in the Department focuses on computational physics, space weather and solid state physics.

• Department of Applied Physics
There are 14 faculty members in the Department of Applied Physics. The Department is committed to achieve excellence in teaching and research. The Department offers one undergraduate program of applied physics. The features of the research in the Department lie in applications of quantum theory in magnetic materials and functional nanomaterials and their applications in devices.

• Department of Materials Physics
There are 11 faculty members in the Department of Materials Physics. The Department offers one undergraduate program of materials physics, which provides professional practice for materials science and technology. The research in this department concentrates on investigating the preparation and performance of metal and functional materials.

• Department of Optoelectronic Engineering
There are 14 faculty members in the Department of Optoelectronic Engineering. The Department offers one undergraduate program of optical information science and technology. The researchers in this department are interested in atmospheric optics, optical communication, etc.