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  • Postgraduate

The School of Atmospheric Physics has 3 doctoral and master’s programs: Atmospheric Physics & Atmospheric Environment, Atmospheric Remote Sensing & Atmospheric Sounding, Lighting Science and Technology. Among them, the master’s and doctoral program of Atmospheric Physics & Atmospheric Environment were founded in 1981 and 1998 respectively. In 2005, Atmospheric Physics & Atmospheric Environment was awarded as the national key discipline of Jiangsu Province, and appointed as the key discipline in “The 10th Five-Year Plan” and “The 11th Five-Year Plan” of Jiangsu Province in 2002 and 2006 respectively. Atmospheric Sounding was awarded as the key discipline of China Meteorology Administration in 1998. Lighting Science and Technology was assessed as university-level unique subject in 2007.

MSc  Atmospheric Physics & Atmospheric Environment [070602]
MSc  Atmospheric Remote Sensing Science and Technology [070620]
MSc  Lighting Science and Technology [070623]

PhD  Atmospheric Physics & Atmospheric Environment [070602]
 PhD  Atmospheric Remote Sensing Science and Technology [070620]
 PhD  Lighting Science and Technology [070623]