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Research Overview
School of Atmospheric Physics has an international reputation for its innovative research across cloud precipitation physics and weather modification, atmosphere composition and climatic effect, atmospheric chemistry and environmental assessment, atmospheric sounding and remote sensing, thunder disaster risk assessment, and so on. Scientific research teams include the Jiangsu Universities’ outstanding science and technology innovation team of Atmospheric Composition Change and Its Environmental and Climatic Effects, Jiangsu universities’ “Blue Project” science and technology innovation team of Cloud Precipitation and Aerosol, as well as the research and innovation team of Meteorological Disaster Remote Sensing and Monitoring. Scientific research funds rise to more than 3100 yuan in the year of 2009-2011. There have been 53 national projects, 28 of which has been completed and approved. More than 400 academic papers have been published in Chinese and international Journals since 2009, together with 25 patents, 6 monographs, more than 10 textbooks, 3 national and provincial-level scientific research incentives, 3 city-level awards.    
Research groups
There exist three research groups and three research laboratories, as follows:
• Atmospheric Composition Change and Its Environmental and Climatic Effects Research Group
• Cloud Precipitation and Aerosol Research Group
• Meteorological Disaster Remote Sensing and Monitoring Research Group
• Atmospheric Chemistry Institute
• Fog in South China Research Institute
• Thunder science and disaster prevention Institute

Research themes
All of research activities underpin the School's five priority research themes:
• Cloud Precipitation Physics and Weather Modification
• Atmosphere Composition and Climatic Effect
• Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Assessment
• Atmospheric Sounding and Remote Sensing
• Thunder Disaster Risk Assessment