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  • About us

The School of Applied Meteorology was developed from the Faculty of Agricultural Meteorology of Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, which was established in 1960 and was renamed Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST) in 2004. The Faculty was founded by China’s outstanding agricultural meteorologist Mr. FengXiuzao. The School had its current name in August 2006. There are 3 B.S. majors in Applied Meteorology (including Public Meteorological Service direction), Ecology and Agricultural Resources and Environment, 2 M.S. majors in Applied Meteorology and Ecology and 1 Ph.D. major in Applied Meteorology in the School. The major of Applied Meteorology is Provincial Feature Major, Provincial Brand Major and has been ranked No. 1 as A++ in national evaluation for many years successively. The discipline of Atmospheric Science is a national key discipline and provincialadvantageous discipline and was ranked No. 1 in the National Third Discipline Evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education of China. The School undertakes the teaching task on agricultural meteorology for the World Meteorological Organization Regional Training Center located in Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST). The School is a member institute of the Agricultural Meteorology and Ecology Committee of the China Meteorological Society.


Currently, there are 87 staff members in the School, including 16 professors and 24 associate professors. We have 279 undergraduate students and 252 postgraduate students. We boast 28 talents who areNational Recruitment Program Experts, Jiangsu Provincial Entrepreneurial and Innovative Talents, Jiangsu Provincial 333 High-Level Talents, Jiangsu Provincial Six High Peaks Talents, Academic Leaders and Backbone Young Teachers in Jiangsu Provincial Education Department’s Cyan-Blue Project. We also have 3 research teams which won titles asMOE S&T Innovative Team, Jiangsu Provincial Entrepreneurial and Innovative Team andJiangsu Provincial Outstanding S&T Innovative Team. We have several research and teaching platforms such as Yale-NUIST Atmospheric Environment Center, Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Meteorology Key Lab, Jiangsu Provincial Applied Meteorology Experiment and Teaching Model Center, National First-Level Agricultural Meteorology Experiment Station of China Meteorological Administration, Drought Research and Experiment Base in East China, Agricultural Resources and Environment Analysis Lab and Agricultural Resources and Environment Information Technology Lab.

Staff and students
Over the years, about 3000 Bachelor students and 300 Master students and 12 PhD students have graduated from the College. The college has 24 doctoral students, 160 postgraduates and 541 undergraduates. The College is known for its strong expertise in the field of agro-meteorology and applied meteorology in China. At present, there are 7 supervisors of PhD student, 8 professors and 11 associate professors in the College. The College has enjoyed a good reputation both at domestic and abroad for its new system of integrating teaching with research and service.

Teaching and learning
Teaching facilities include agro-meteorological experimental station under the guide of CMA, analysis laboratory of agricultural resources and environment, joint scientific test base of arid meteorology, school library and study area, and computer laboratories.

Applied Meteorology at NUIST is world-renowned for its pioneering research on agri-climatic resources, weather and agricultural disaster prevention and mitigation, agricultural ecological environment, climate change and agriculture, agro-meteorological monitoring and forecasting. The school is closely related to China Meteorology .The Yale-NUIST Center on atmospheric environment is jointly sponsored by Yale University and Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST). Established in 2011, the Center carries out research and education on pollution and resource issues related to China’s atmospheric environment, and promotes academic exchange between the two universities. Association  is the designated unit to offer training on agriculture meteorology and it assumes the responsibility of training for World Meteorology Organization.