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Research Overview

The School has developed 4 advantageous characteristic research areas, namely, agricultural meteorology, urban meteorology, ecological meteorology and smart weather. In the last 3 years, we undertake about 20 national scientific research projects per year averagely. Annual research fund from vertical research projects adds up to 15 million RMB. Faculty members of the School publish over 60 SCI-indexed papers and obtain more than 30 patents every year. Their research achievements are published in some world famous journals like Nature and BAMS as highlights or cover papers. We have won 1 special prize, 1 first prize, 1 second prize and 1 third prize of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, 1 prize from the National Science Conference and more than 10 Provincial or Ministerial Science and Technology Advance Awards.

The School boasts several outstanding innovative research teams approved by MOE or Jiangsu province dealing with such important research topics as Land Carbon-Water Cycle and Climate Change, Effect of Human Activity on Environment, Agriculture and Ecological Environment Meteorology. We also have some emerging research teams on Urban Atmospheric Environment, Soil Environment and Smart Weather. There are Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Meteorology Key Lab, Jiangsu Provincial Meteorological Hazard Forecast, Warning and Evaluation Collaborative Innovation Center, Atmospheric Environment and Equipment Technology Collaborative Innovation Center in the School.

Research groups
There are innovation team of the Ministry of Education for terrestrial carbon water cycle and climate change, innovation team of Jiangsu Province for human activities on environmental pollution and climate change, and innovation team between agriculture and the ecological environment of meteorology. There exist five university-level research groups in the school, as follows:

  • Agro-climatic Resources Group

  • Weather and Agricultural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation  Group

  • Agricultural Resources and Ecological Environment Group

  • Climate Change and Agriculture Group

  • Agro-meteorological Monitoring and Forecasting Group