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  • About us

College of HydroMeteorology (COHM) was founded on June 8, 2011, by the famous American hydrometeorologist Professor's Bingzhang Lin. COHM is the first undergraduate college that majors in hydrometeorology in China. The first enrollment of undergraduate and graduate students at COHM was in September 2011. COHM consists of Department of hydrometeorology, is affiliated with Applied HydroMeteorological Research Institute (AHMRI) and other teaching and research units. AHMRI is the first hydrometeorological application institute in China, which has four divisions, including the Hydrometeorology Research Institute, Engineering Hydrometeorology Application Institute, Strategic Research on Climate Change Institute and Landslide Research Center.

COHM is the first interdisciplinary of hydrology and meteorology research and teaching college in China, which focus on the coupling of hydrology and meteorology that based on water cycle. COHM is dedicated to solving the hazard caused by comprehensive meteorological and hydrological interactions and the effective utilization of water resources in the air. This work is not only the application of atmospheric science on environment and national economy, but also the important feedback to the development of atmospheric science. There are 28 members of staff in COHM, of which 22 are academic staffs, including 4 Professors and 4 Associate Professors. All academic staffs have achieved doctoral degrees. COHM has always been attaching great importance to cultivation of hydrometeorological innovative talents with solid professional foundation, highly-competent and international vision. Currently, there are 184 undergraduates and 17 postgraduates. COHM has s strong foundation of research and academic exchanges, undertaking more than 50 research projects, including 15 state-level projects, 2 overseas projects, 11 provincial projects and 18 industrial projects. The total research grant are more than 17 million RMB. There are 45 SCI journal papers have been published and more than 40 papers are published in EI, EI core, Chinese core and top journals.

Staff and students
The dean of our school, Professor Lin Bingzhang, is a chief scientist in hydrometeorology and many relevant fields at NOAA, US. He has worked in hydrometeorology area for about 20 years in US. He is also the first postgraduate student in hydrometeorology educated by one domestic university in China. 
Now the school owns master and doctoral programs in atmospheric science (hydrometeorology) and bachelor program in hydrometeorology. There are 18 full-time faculty members, 13 of them are teachers, and there is one professor and two associate professors. In September 2011, our school has recruited the freshmen undergraduate (40), postgraduate (master (7) and doctoral (1)) students majored in hydrometeorology. In the future, we will enrich our discipline contents and enlarge our scale.

Teaching and learning
Now, the school of hydrometeorology has been a teaching organization and Applied Hydrometeorology Research Institute (AHMRI) as well as a research institute, which consists of Hydrometeorological Science and Research Lab (HSRL, focused on science and research of hydrometeorology), Engineering Hydrometeorological Application Lab (EHAL, focused on application of hydrometeorology in engineering and economic production), Climate Change Strategy Lab (CCSL, focused on long term impacts of climate change on hydrometeorology and strategy) and Flash Flood Research Center (FFRC).

Leading by Dean Lin Bingzhang, our school now undertakes two projects with Special Fund for Scientific Research in the public Interest, granted by the Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Science &Technology.One contract research project is from Civil Engineering Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the other project is supported by the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation etc. A project from the “12th Five-Year Plan” to support science and technology program and the collaboration with Taiwan are both in preparation.