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Research Overview

The Hydrometeorology program at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST) was initiated in 2009, which is one of the earliest programs dedicated to Hydrometeorology education and research in China. Over the past years, the program has been playing a leading role in the forefront of combination of hydrology and meteorology in China by addressing flood, drought, typhoon, landslide problems to raise the awareness of government and society and by providing solution and policy suggestion based on excellent fundamental research. The program has grown into a fully-fledged and well-recognized research and educational institute now known as the School of hydrometeorology (SHM) at NUIST. SHM was founded in 2011 and since then significant progresses have been made in academic programs development, faculty team building, student enrollment and education, laboratory improvement, and outreach. To strengthen its faculty core, the SHM has recruited 30 full-time faculty and staff members, including 30 tenure-track faculty, 6 administrative staff. Among them, majority were recruited by variety of provincial and NUIST level talent program. Currently, SHM mainly focus on research field of Ecohydrology, Water resource and water disaster prevention and control technology and climate change induced variation of hydrological processes. SHM attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation. During the recent five years, SHM has been actively taking part in more than 50 programs including NSFC Program, Governmental public industry research special funds of Ministry of Water Resources et al.


Research groups
There exist two research groups, as follows:
• Probable maximum precipitation estimation group
• Hydrologic frequency analysis group


Applied Hydrometeorological Research Institute (AHMRI)
Applied Hydrometeorological Research Institute (AHMRI), located in the charming evergreen campus of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST) north to the Yangtze River, is an open research entity which combines basic scientific research and its application together. What’s more, it also has the function of teaching and tutoring of postgraduate students and PhD candidate as well.